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collaborate1It’s more than an image of a report. More than a group email. Less than dozens of extra phone calls.

It’s communicating directly and securely:

  • Chat and share presentations and insights in real time
  • Teams work on analyses, data or documents in private pages then deploy to group pages
  • Create history for a particular issue, including the people who solved the problem last time
  • Bring on new experts or executives mid-crisis to shorten the time to resolution

You’re the only company employee sitting in on a meeting at an important client when their CIO walks in. Alert your client team to join the “Acme 12-06 Meeting” page where you share the client’s presentation and the notes you are taking. Use your tablet to take pictures of the client’s whiteboard to add to the page, now up to 15 co-workers, including the VP of Sales. Schedule a client meeting with the product manager on the spot based on messages you receive on the page. Your VP-Sales and CEO review the “Acme 12-06 Meeting” while you are on your flight back. Sounds like a job well done, a client served, confusion avoided, and a reputation for coolness in crisis.