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What is Governance?

Governance has many facets, but the common factor is meeting management and organizational goals efficiently. These can vary for different organizations or even different managers and may be highly detailed or depend upon tribal knowledge. 

Compliance is defined quite differently from governance. Activities must fit within legal or corporate “bowling lanes” or face a penalty. The penalties most cited today are privacy-related, whether GDPR, CCPA, PCI, or other state, Federal, or international regulation. 

We break governance into four disciplines–generally along people lines–but everyone in the organization fits into at least one discipline.

People can divide the four areas:

  • Business – historic corporate charter, legal, executive governing
  • Process – where most people fall – the people who make, sell, and service the products or services
  • Data – the “nuts and bolts” of systems, data, and security, but not the information or content aspects 
  • Analytics – formerly the dashboards and reports organization, including financial, operational, HR, analytic, and historic information. They must accept a new role: the vanguard of enforcing information governance across the organization.

Governance has been an implied program historically across organizations for the past 500 years. As information has become more available and valuable in the past 20 years, governance must become both explicit, automated, and comprehensive. 

Compliance has been historically implied as well in many cases. There have been OSHA and Labor law requirements posted for years; however, financial and privacy laws, brutal penalties, and employees are changing so rapidly that a few posters won’t keep up to date.

Business often runs in silos: Operations, Marketing, Finance, IT, etc. Governance crosses all boundaries and managers, supporting the integrated business that functions smoothly and identifies outliers and security issues.

We set up step-by-step programs to increase governance in the four areas. We can help you start from square one or dovetail with your existing program to develop strategy, map information and process, identify compliance issues, and move methodically to enable actionable governance for executives and managers.

“Strong information governance is just table stakes* in the 21st century.” – CFO Consultant

*Wikipedia defines table stakes as the minimum entry requirement for a market or business arrangement.

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