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IntegrationExpert New Site and Mission

This is the launch of the new IntegrationExpert site. We are project1combining our technical experience in data warehousing, Big Data, Business Intelligence (or Decision Support or Enterprise Reporting or Data Science or any of several other terms to denote structured reporting), enterprise governance, data integration, and the many moving parts of a smoothly running Corporate Data Factory.

Wayne Eckerson said years ago that the only way to get data into the normal course of business is to cultivate wayne_eckerson“purple” people: those with one foot on the business side and one on the IT side. That is still true–business people use information as a normal daily tool, and data is one source of information.

Data, like an automobile, does require both IT and business care and attention to serve effectively. We hope to continue to provide strong support to both businesspeople and IT because both are our legacies.

Thank you again for visiting–and a special thank you to our customers!

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