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Corporate Initiatives

Like CIMM, Three Lines of Defense, or Information Lifecycle

Corporations are committing to initiatives to control and leverage their information. CIMM (Capability Information Maturity Model) for IT, Three Lines of Defense for Auditors, and Information Lifecycle projects make significant progress with process and information lineage maps. CIMM tenets:

  • Our information is exploding
  • Our business is real-time, all the time
  • Our information differentiates us from our competitors
  • Our information quality impacts our clients, our Associates, and our shareholders
  • Our information is used and reused
  • Information is a key business asset

The Three Lines of Defense is a framework originating from internal auditors to fix responsibility and management of corporate risk (particularly regulatory) within an organization.

All corporate governance projects have significant needs for information, hierarchy, and logical system lineage analysis at the business, structural, and data level. Many IT experts have limited experience with lineage because lineage tools in the past were difficult and expensive to implement.

Lineage has the potential to break open software “black boxes” through automated scanning of multiple vendor and internally-authored scripts and databases. Its visual lineage supports both subject matter experts and non-expert business users to understand data lineage and the impact of proposed changes across the hardware and software ecosystem. As one manager said, “It’s better to know before you go rather than have your users tell you about a serious impact.

ROI savings for corporate initiatives

  • Hard money: Limiting consulting expenditures to analyze information ecosystem
  • Soft money: Lineage used as basis for planning, critical path determination, rollout, and communication. Facilitates focused project plans

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