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Meeting Government Compliance

Periodic government reports and banking require that companies can show where the numbers come from. Regulations such as BASEL II/III/IV and BCBS 239 mostly apply to financial companies; however, concern is building with CFO’s in other industries that similar demands will become normal for all organizations.

One large financial company built lineage manually for the first 30 lineage streams that consumed about 30 person-days. The government added requirements for 90 other streams that convinced them to try a more automated method.

The next 100 lineage processes were built in a day using automated lineage. At the same time, many other data stores and transformation processes were catalogued and available for lineage. Lineage became a reference for the organization for information consumers.

ROI savings for this ongoing program:

  • Hard-money ROI:
    1. Avoid consulting to perform continuing lineage requirements
    2. Avoid potential fines for noncompliance
  • Soft-money ROI:
    1. Archive snapshots of the actual point-in-time lineage
    2. Visual details of changes to lineage from current to any previous snapshot.
    3. Most valuable were snapshots taken at the time previous government reports were run so that requests for changes in processing could be fulfilled easily and rapidly
    4. Reputation value having lineage available upon demand

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