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Reporting and Analysis Teams

Lineage can be the lifeblood of Business Intelligence and metadata teams. During design, testing, deployment, and operation, rapid access to the lineage of report information is key to agile design.

Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) teams often call this data engineering.

Snapshot refreshment of the actual lineage, along with detailing of the changes to lineage from current to any previous snapshot. Most valuable were snapshots taken prior to developer changes that altered the data in reports or extracts that can be viewed in seconds at a detailed level.

Hard-dollar advantages include:

  • Avoidance of consulting to perform continuing lineage requirements
  • Use of the lineage framework to replace single-purpose metadata tools

Soft-dollar advantages include:

  • Avoiding meetings where information can be referenced through the lineage viewer
  • Data and linkage analyses by analytic staff can be incorporated into lineage to make it easier to work with and choose data for important reports. As data science/AI becomes mainstream, in-depth, custom analysis will become normal activities for data engineers.
  • Some corporate systems are too old or too proprietary or too “black box” to be available for normal lineage scans. We can help design custom lineage methods for these systems as well at a summary or detailed level.

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