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Streamline Computer Systems

Many IT systems have become difficult to manage, either through uncontrolled growth, corporate mergers or divestitures, or changes in management priorities.

A large entertainment company started a project for data standardization across multiple data warehouse applications. Complexity included over 20,000 custom Teradata scripts.

The company used automated lineage to build confidence in the project approach to prioritize critical data stores, scripts, and analyses. Automated lineage documented all existing scripts and views in 18 hours.

Project managers refreshed the lineage regularly to track changes and additions as the project progressed:

  • Map all object dependencies, including BTEQ and TPT scripts, BI reports, and source systems
  • Real-time color-coded documentation of new vs old before, during, and after migration

ROI savings for this particular project:

  • Hard dollars: Computer hardware and software retirement
  • Soft dollars: Maintained and increased analysis delivery. Decreased rework. Facilitated focused project plan and prioritized critical path tasks

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