Focus information and people to drive business activity every day

We help organizations integrate and use information to become more data-driven


Manage in real time with analytics, alerts, and messaging

From the situation room to the tablet, tools serving our military are now ready to help you analyze, react, and communicate


Collaborate and share to get the best actions rapidly

Make communication with analysis and content easy for your teams


Situations are Normal. Crisis is Bad.

The right information, the go-to people, and a dependable approach pay off big when bad things happen -- both time and money

Prepare for the Unexpected

Integrate and Govern Thousands of Data Points

Integrate, document, and manage your information flows with the most manageable, performant, and cost-effective solutions in the industry

Data Integration and Governance


We provide breakthrough value for clients in four key facets.


Important data is spread across corporate operational systems. Internet-of-Things and unstructured content is providing rivers of useful information that Hadoop and Spark 2.0 can process. Let us connect it, cleanse it, and prepare it for analysis.


Analytics can become more operational and widespread. Let's talk about adding smart, collaborative decision support without breaking the bank or disrupting your organization


Your information landscape has thousands of objects created by hundreds of teams. It won't get simpler, but governance can save money, fix quality, decrease risk, and streamline data projects


We strive for constant value through business analysis and agile deliverables. We plan strategically and deliver tactically

The Business of BI, Integration and Governance

Approach Operations and Analysis Together

DFW Information Server/DataStage UG April 11 Summary

The IBM Information User Group meeting on April 11 was a great start to building a local community of users and other interested parties.  Based on the questions and comments at the closure, the [...]

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DFW Information Server/DataStage User Group April 11

DFW IBM Information Server User Group Meeting April 11 When: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Where: IBM Innovation Center, 1177 S Belt Line Rd        &nb[...]

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The Oroville Dam: Our Systems Should Not Wait for Crisis

  At 770 feet (235 m) high, the Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the U.S….The dam impounds Lake Oroville, the second largest man-made lake in the state of California.1 In February 2017, a sev[...]

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"Situation Rooms" complement BI for operational, real time, and crisis applications

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At the Digital Operations Center, we use the software to detect commercial impacts, fraudulent activity and end user manipulations.   Proactive monitoring improves reliability of our digital channels, increase customer trust by proactively managing issues, and avoid costly PR and litigation Large Airline
For us, customer satisfaction and recommendations to others are key. We consider customer communications so important that we call them "moments of truth." Since our project to monitor all customer-facing people and systems, we have significantly enhanced operations: we detect anomalies at least 10x faster than before in a mission-critical 24x7 environment. Large Insurance
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