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Business Crisis Large and Small

Reporting and decision support isn’dam-break1t all about making jobs or people more efficient. Sometimes it’s about how to cope with new challenges or even crisis situations.

Thirteen years ago, the US military and intelligence agencies needed software to handle multiple “situation rooms”–collections of analyses, dashboards, processes, and documents–to update in real time for potentially large groups of people.

Today, businesses must pull human and computer resources together quickly to address customer issues, internal communications, information dissemination, and even physical, corporate, or external emergencies.

“It isn’t about reporting. It is about making history solving hundreds of daily problems and having a record that people can refer to later. Our biggest advantage is the ability to bring in experts or executives who can review the record without a bunch of emails or conference calls to bring them up to speed. Some of our pages are accessible to customers so that they can contribute information independently to our technicians.”