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Information Server has HUGE ROI Potential

Thousands of organizations use Information Server/DataStage (IIS) to wrangle complex information critical to revenue or management decisions. To keep up with ever-changing information and regulatory requirements. To meet tighter deadlines for more and more processing.

IIS is in your back office grinding out transformed data for your Corporate Data Factory or ETL’ing (Extract, Transform, Load) data warehouses for daily analytics. IIS performs key functions but may not be the center of business innovation it used to be. IIS operators may be more maintenance than new capabilities. Business people whose data-driven2 careers were built on IIS have been promoted away.

In early 2017, two IntegrationExpert IBM Champion partners met with clients to build IISExcellence, a playbook of business solutions built around IIS. This mix of mentoring and frameworks are designed to exploit the flexibility, scalability, and power that makes IIS the business asset to which other tools aspire. IISE is a set of “shortcuts” to success.


Why invest in IIS/DataStage?

  • Customers know IIS as a powerful ETL tool: scalable, grid-enabled, super fast.
  • IntegrationExpert has over 15 years’ experience creating business value with IIS.
  • IIS is built for today’s high-security, sequestered-data environment. Risk managers like its centralized, locked-down architecture
  • IntegrationExpert has developed offerings for seven significant, proven business capabilities or IIS features that provide ROI.
  • Besides specific projects, IntegrationExpert can help with advanced tips that may save increased software or hardware investment.


IISExcellence provides major business value:

  1. Exploit cutting-edge IIS capabilities that can be tailored to your business needs
  2. IIS applications that tighten operations, limit rework, or decrease risk
  3. Knowledge transfer that can be applied on a day-to-day basis
  4. Strategic review to identify possibilities and power of IIS within the organization
  5. Inventory or audit your IIS installation to tighten operations and relate its business functions to your corporate governance
  6. Use the same staff for new technologies such as the Cloud or data lakes—with governance