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IBM Information Server and DataStage

IBM Information Server (IIS) is a major first-tier data integration, cleansing, and governance tool. In use at over 3,500 customers, IIS has proven to be highly scalable, cost-effective, and able to provide the integration power to many technologies such as Hadoop and Kafka as well as the traditional relational source/targets such as Teradata, PDA/Netezza, dashDB, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Greenplum, etc.

IIS is also a leader in governance with a number of firsts among major tools:

  • Corporate vocabulary/glossary capability to create a common, sharable business vocabulary that can connect to information assets such as databases, ETL processes, and BI Suites
  • End-to-end data lineage across disparate vendors and tools, providing documentation for integration and reporting (an important feature in heavily regulated industries), as well as structured
  • Extended metadata capabilities to accept new asset types and lineage between automatically supported products and unsupported products such as scripts, Microsoft SSIS, and Teradata BTEQ.

We at Integration Expert have decades of experience exploiting the power and flexibility that Information Server and its major components:

  • DataStage (DS) for fully parallel ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load Data) framework that can easily process millions of records per hour
  • QualityStage (QS) that adds data/address cleansing and fuzzy matching to the DataStage framework
  • Information Services Director (ISD) that adds real-time Web Service (SOAP, REST, etc.) support to the otherwise batch-oriented DS/QS. This allows a single call to run highly complex ETL for records in real time
  • Information Analyzer (IA) uses the parallel framework to directly support corporate governance and data policies through rules management and remediation using the fully-featured IBM BPM (Business Process Modeling) workflow tool